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CAMP in The Box Sustainable Connexions International (SusCo) is a nonprofit organization with a vision of a world where all orphans and other vulnerable children are nurtured, loved and moving along a path toward becoming self sufficient adults. Last year, SusCo launched a pilot of Camp-in-the-Box at Rising Star Orphanage, Dodowa, Ghana.  What is Camp-in-the-Box? A special program designed to sow love, encouragement and skill development into the lives of orphan children. Working with local partners, SusCo offers orphans the opportunity to participate in a holistic camp that includes sports, wellness exams, spiritual development, arts and crafts, leadership/ life skills development.  Our camp leaders bring the Camp to the orphanage – In the Box!  In addition to camp activities, every child gets their own special box containing a pair of sneakers, t-shirt and a host of other goodies that he or she will keep! Inspiring Change! Learn More

Project-Based Response

Project Based Response (PBR) allows SusCo's team to develop customized solutions and then work on the ground to execute these solutions alongside local leaders.

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Capacity Builders Without Borders

CBWB is a network of practitioners committed to sharing their knowledge with local leaders.

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SusCo-Africa coordinates targeted projects on the ground in Africa and forges partnerships with other local NGOs, government agencies.

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Sustainable Connexions International (SusCo) is a nonprofit organization with a vision to transform under-resourced and underserved communities into safe and thriving communities for children and families.

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