Our Work

SusCo makes a difference in the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children by bringing committed people and organizations together to deliver life-changing solutions affecting children and youth.



Committed to helping youth develop their critical thinking skills, SusCo developed a leadership curriculum called, EQUAD – Economic, Encouragement, Engagement, and Experiential Learning. Youth participants develop new leadership and critical thinking skills as they learn basic economic principles incorporated into a variety of fun activities that demonstrate how these principles affect everyday living.


SusCo brings this unique camp to orphans and vulnerable children. Working with local volunteers, children participate in a holistic camp that includes sports, spiritual development, wellness exams, arts and crafts, academics, leadership, and life skills development. In addition to working with the children, SusCo also conducts training of caregivers to strengthen their child development skills.




SusCo believes helping to improves the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children begins when people travel to experience different cultures and environments. Capacity Builders Without Borders (CBWB) was created as a vehicle to allow people to travel to Ghana to learn and participate in activities that support key human and community development projects in the country.

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Sustainable Connexions Africa

Sustainable Connexions Africa (SusCo-Africa), is a registered, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Ghana. SusCo-Africa works with SusCo to coordinate targeted projects and develop partnerships with a wide range of entities including other local NGOs, religious institutions, government agencies, educational institutions, and corporations. Through these partnerships, SusCo-Africa strives to help build greater awareness within the Country about the needs of orphans and other vulnerable children, SusCo-Africa seeks to leverage financial and in-kind resources to increase the impact on the social and emotional needs of orphans and other vulnerable children.