Sustainable Connexions Africa

Sustainable Connexions Africa (SusCo-Africa), is a registered, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Ghana. SusCo-Africa coordinates targeted projects and forges partnerships with other local NGOs, government agencies, educational institutions, and corporations. Through these partnerships, SusCo-Africa works to deploy programs to impact the social and emotional needs of orphans and other vulnerable children.

Ghana – The First Frontier

SusCo-Africa chose to begin its work in Africa because millions of children  and families living in extreme poverty. Orphans and other vulnerable children need basic necessities (food, clothing, education and shelter) but also, social, emotional and spiritual support. SCA seeks to help equip these children to survive life’s challenges and develop  plans for their future either through employment or further education.

An investment in developing youth today serves to build a larger pool of community-minded, self-sufficient leaders tomorrow. SusCo and its partners are committed to making an investment in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children.