Sustainable Connexions International (SusCo)


Sustainable Connexions International (SusCo) operates in the forefront of creating safe and sustainable communities for children and families. Working alongside community, religious and civic leaders, SusCo designs programs to help create healthy, nurturing and loving environments for orphans, other vulnerable children, and their families

SusCo’s business model focuses on building up the life skills of  orphans and other vulnerable children. By leveraging human, social, financial, and cultural resources from local and global partners, SusCo designs programmatic solutions to help improve conditions affecting these children. Key offerings of SusCo include:
CAMP-IN-THE-BOX   Working with local partners, SusCo brings this unique camp to orphans and vulnerable children. Working with local volunteers, children participate in a holistic camp that includes sports, wellness exams, arts and crafts, academics, leadership and life skills development. In addition to working with the children, SusCo also conducts a training session for caregivers to strengthen their child development skills. EQUAD  Recognizing the importance of developing critical thinking skills, SusCo created an economic and community engagement leadership curriculum called, EQUAD. The letters stand for: economic, encouragement, engagement, and experiential learning. Youth participants learn basic economic principles and how these principles affect everyday living while also learning how to become more engaged in their schools and communities.

Short-Term Mission Trips: Capacity Builders Without Borders  SusCo believes helping to improves the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children begins when people travel to different countries to experience different cultures and environments. Capacity Builders Without Borders (CBWB) was created as a vehicle to connect experienced practitioners and other volunteers with traveling opportunities to visit other countries and engage with other individuals in these countries. SusCo arranges short term mission trips to encourage greater exchanges among practitioners and other volunteers and while visiting key sites, travelers are afforded the opportunity to network with professionals in the country and work along side people to support key human and community development projects in the country.

CBWB organizes trips to  countries to allow people the opportunity to connect with their peers and volunteer while in country. Click here to learn more about upcoming trips.