Sustainable Connexions International (SusCo)

  Sustainable Connexions International (SusCo) operates in the forefront of creating safe and sustainable communities for families. Working alongside community and civic leaders, SusCo designs programs and develops tools to help build local capacity to implement local solutions tailored to the community’s social and economic challenges. SusCo’s model seeks to develop leaders and build communities through:  
  • Project-Based Response
  • SusCo Africa
  • Capacity Builders Without Borders

Project-Based Response

SusCo’s business model uses project-based responses (PBR) to deliver needed solutions. By using human, social, financial, and cultural resources from local and global partners, SusCo designs solutions intended to help strengthen and transform people and communities in need. EQUAD – Building on economic and community engagement principles, EQUAD represents four acronyms: economic, encouragement, engagement, and experiential learning. Youth participants learn basic economic principles and how these principles affect everyday living while also learning how to become more engaged in their schools and communities. CAMP-IN-THE-BOX  – Working with local partners, SusCo offers orphans and vulnerable children living in Ghana, the opportunity to participate in a holistic camp that includes sports, wellness exams, arts and crafts, leadership and life skills development.

Capacity Builders Without Borders

Capacity Builders Without Borders (CBWB) connects experienced practitioners with their counterparts in underserved communities around the world. Transference of knowledge and building local capacity to address local issues remains a priority of CBWB. SusCo developed CBWB to encourage greater exchange among practitioners and to encourage people to support organizations in other countries that are trying to make a difference in the lives of children and families. CBWB also organizes trips to other countries to allow people the opportunity to connect with their peers and volunteer while in country. Click here to learn more about upcoming trips.
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